StakingPower Wallet For Mina Protocol

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Final Audit Report Completed

The code audit with LeastAuthority has been completed, the security improvements according to audit report has been implemented in version 1.3.0, please download the report freely.

Team Introduction

StakingPower team is working on Web3.0 frontend and Rust smart contract development, meanwhile we provide staking pool services.

We have published the wallet for Mina Protocol, and manage staking pools for Mina network and Harmony One network.

About StakingPower Wallet

StakingPower wallet is a hierarchical deterministic wallet that support bip39, bip32, bip44, developed on Flutter platform, support both android and ios devices.

Meanwhile, we provide the signer sdk for Mina protocol wrapped by dart, anyone want to contribute to Mina network with Flutter can use it to produce your own frontend product.

Flutter Mina SDK
Genesis Founding Members

StakingPower is in the first-round of Genesis Founding Members Program built by Mina community to support the decentralized network such as  block produce and snark produce.

Sending Transaction Safely, Staking easily